Open Days

  • Organise your Open Day as you wish : in remote, hybrid or in face-to-face format
    Whatever the format, the configuration is the same. Our platform allows you to switch very easily from one mode to another
  • You prefer the conviviality of a face-to-face meeting
    Use our platform as a complement to present and dematerialise your communication materials (documentations, leaflets, brochures) but also to broadcast your videos and conferences.
  • You chose to emphasise the potential of distance learning
    You will find all the ingredients for a successful Open Day: welcoming address, guided tour, stands/stages, video, audio and chat exchanges but also presentations and conferences. Everything is included and available on our platform.
  • Present your establishment or network in a clear and ergonomic way
    Keeping the codes of a classic open day and inform your future students about your admission procedures, your courses of study, the student life,... All this, in the form of stands and throughout the year if you wish.
  • Exchange individually or in groups by video or chat
    Increase interaction with your prospective students through group presentations and discussions. Give them precise and personal information through individual interviews.
  • Liven up your day with interactive lectures
    Go deeper into the issues that matter to you. Live or replay, an unlimited audience can listen to you and ask you questions live.
  • Help to reduce the distance with your students
    Geographically distant, unable to travel to you or with specific needs, you give a chance to all students

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